Annoying Router Problems and How to Fix Them

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6 Annoying Router Problems and How to Fix Them

Router Problems

While numerous routers use excellent functions, most still included flaws that can make life a lot harder, such as confounding setups or limited security. What follows are six router problems that, quite frankly, I discover the most irritating. I looked for possible solutions. while I didn’t find one router that addressed all my concerns, I did find functions and routers that might make things a lot simpler.

1. Difficult setup:

The issue: How long does it normally take you to establish your router? When was the last time you were able to get it right on the very first shot? What about when you wished to add a new PC to your wireless network? And how about getting your cordless printer to link to your network?

Let’s face it: Each network is various, and getting the best mix of settings can be confounding. For instance, even some reasonably experienced PC hands may not comprehend the distinctions in between security settings. Understand that WPA-2 offers much better defense than WEP and ordinary WPA.

These and other drawbacks are why establishing any router can still be vexing, even to an experienced computer system user. Some, such as the Buffalo AirStation Wireless-N 300Mbps Cable Router WHR-HP-G300N ($ 53), have actually crowded menus with multiple layers that make navigation agonizing. Others, such as the Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNDR3700 ($ 170), depend on a safeguarded setup. It has a long series of directions that need to be followed to get a brand-new PC on your network.

Possible solutions

Various suppliers have actually attempted to make things simpler with easy-setup CDs or one-click connection buttons. They can’t cover every possible circumstance. Buffalo’s and Netgear’s setup guidelines go the extra mile by clearly detailing the order. Which you need to you plug everything in prior to you run the CD. (Cable television modems in specific should be powered on before you connect your router to them.) That’s a good touch but it presumes you have actually checked out the printed directions that came with the router. When was the last time you check out the manual before you plugged in your brand-new gadget?

Nearly all routers have Web-based setup screens, and as long as you keep in mind the gadget’s IP address, default username and password (which you should have changed when you set it up), you must be able to get into the setup screens and make any changes you require. It’s just a matter of finding out which adjustments are required.

2. Making it possible for file sharing from your router:

The issue: Why invest loan on a different network-attached storage (NAS) system when you can use your router for sharing files? Numerous routers included USB ports to which you can link an external USB drive for easy backup or file sharing.

Regretfully, although plugging in an external drive ought to be as easy as– well, as. Simply plugging in the drive getting that drive established isn’t constantly basic. The Linksys WRT610N Wireless-N Router ($ 200), for instance, has a complex setup screen that you require to complete when you connect a USB drive to it.

It would be nice to have software application that allows the sharing without a lot of setup troubles. It should be easy to connect the computers across your network to this shared storage, by utilizing either the router’s SSID name or IP address. You likewise require to be able to password-protect your shared drive so that it isn’t open for anybody who’s linked to the network.

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3. Carrying out firmware updatesto fix Router Problems:

The problem: Router firmware is an essential very first line of security defense on your network. It requires to be kept up to date. Discovering firmware updates on a vendor’s Website is not for everyone. Lots of vendors do not make it simple.

You have to bring up your browser, go to the supplier’s support website and attempt to track down the present version for your specific router model. You then need to download the file to your PC and upload it to your router in the best location in the router’s Web control panel screen.

To make complex matters, vendors frequently have numerous various variations for each router design, due to the fact that they make frequent improvements to the router, frequently altering chip sets but keeping the variation number the same.

Possible options to fix Router Problems

Make the update automated or at least quickly selectable, so you don’t have to go through the tortured process of downloading and publishing the file.

4. Enabling short-lived wireless gain access to:

The issue: If you have visitors or needy neighbors, do you truly desire them to have irreversible access to your whole network? Even if you trust them on your network, do you understand how good their own security is? (For instance, will your next-door neighbor’s note pad wind up in the hands of his teenager?) If you merely offer a visitor your router password, then you most likely require to change this info when he leaves your office or home– which is a genuine pain.

Vendors have actually begun to enable this on their routers in a range of ways. Belkin, for instance, has a choice it calls “Hotel-style,” . Meaning that users are directed to a Web landing page where they go into a special visitor password. Other vendors make it easy to establish different wireless networks just for visitors.

Netgear Customer service.

5. Determining who is on your cordless network:

The issue: Even if you think your network is safe does not indicate that it is. It’s probably a great concept to routinely inspect. It utilize your router especially if you haven’t changed your router’s default password. Nevertheless, in a world where it’s tough enough to keep in mind to back up your computer system. It’s not likely that the majority of us have the time or inclination to frequently examine who has actually been on our networks.

And even if we wish to, it’s not constantly easy. Normally, most router Web UIs show who is currently linked, however discovering this out requires digging through many menus. Often the vendors conceal this details under a title like “DHCP customer list” . It provide you simply the IP addresses and host names of existing connections.

More about cordless network

Have a look at the screens which labeled “Connected devices” or “DHCP customer list” to see who is linked and using which IP addresses. Some business, such as Buffalo, clearly demonstrate how numerous customers have actually linked and what cordless devices they are utilizing.

Best offered routers: When Cisco purchased the business Pure Networks, it acquired a piece of software called Network Magic. The Windows variation of Network Magic will reveal you a lovely map in addition to a better network histogram timeline exposing who has actually linked when.

For some reason, Cisco includes this software application in a few of its Linksys routers however not the Valet M10 series. You can buy a license for as much as 3 PCs for $24 that will work with any router. (The Mac variation doesn’t have the maps or pie charts.).

6. Changing your DNS provider to fix Router Problems:

After you have actually set up your network, you probably do not give your Domain Name System settings any additional thought. If you have a cable television or DSL modem, you hook it up and it immediately gets its DNS settings from the cable or telephone company’s DNS servers. (If you’re running a big enterprise network, typically you have your own internal DNS server to supply this service.).

Home and small-business users might want to look into finding an alternative DNS provider. Why bother? 2 excellent reasons: better browsing efficiency and much better security against understood phishing and malware-infected domains. (Your real performance will differ commonly, depending on your Internet service provider and. if you are using a cable television modem, how busy your cable line is.).

Possible services to fix Router Problems

Individuals and smaller businesses now have several alternative suppliers that are worth considering, consisting of OpenDNS and Google Public DNS, to name a few.

Getting your router vendor to support these servers is in some cases difficult. A few routers, such as 2Wire’s Home Website 3000 series that comes when you order service from AT&T U-verse, do not even support alternative DNS settings. Making matters more difficult, the majority of the automated setup routines that routers include do not allow you to enter your own DNS provider. Attempt it out, including installing its software to optimize your individual PC, before messing with any of your router’s settings. After you make the change to your DNS, there is a Java tool. It can evaluate your speed to see if it makes a distinction. Depending upon how connected your Internet supplier, it can help either a lot or not much at all. If it doesn’t help, consider returning to your original settings.

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