How to change the Netgear router MAC address

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Change the (WNDR3700) Netgear router MAC address

Netgear router MAC address

First thing first, here we will explain in this article how to How to change the Netgear router MAC address.

  • Open a web internet browser and get in http://<IP address of your wireless router> (the default IP for the majority of Netgear routers is and press Go into. When the login window appears, go into admin for the router user name and your password (the default password is password) to change the Netgear router MAC address.
  • From the primary menu, choose Wireless  Settings, and then click Setup Access List to show the Wireless Card Access List screen.
  • If Turn Gain Access To Control On is select, proceed to the next action, otherwise, close the web internet browser window.
  • Click Add to include a wireless gadget to the cordless access control list. The Wireless Card Access Setup screen opens and shows a list of presently active wireless cards and their Ethernet MAC addresses.
  • Utilize the Include button to enter the MAC address of the device, you can likewise type a detailed name for the computer that you are including. To discover the MAC address on a computer, refer to the How to find MAC address page.
  • Click Include, and after that click Apply to save these settings.

Netgear Customer service.

change the MAC address with buying a different modem and router.

What you are failing to understand is that this goes beyond tying an IP address to a MAC address. When it concerns coax cable Web service, the ISP ties your Internet membership to your modem’s MAC address. As in, “Magister76 is a paying client with MAC address XYZ”. If you were, in some way, able to change your modem’s MAC address. Your ISP will no longer connected with you. You would be recognize as either a non-customer or as another consumer with the exact same MAC address. Do you see the havoc that would occur if consumers could change the MAC addresses on their modems?

You mention that an IP address is link to a MAC address for DHCP. It’s not too hard to think that you want to alter your IP address. Its due to the fact that you are being DoS assaulted or you are attempting to hide your identity. Altering the MAC address is frequently useful to require a modification in IP address. The issue is that a mix router/modem only has one Internet-facing MAC address. In this regard, a modem/router is much like a pure modem . Its MAC address can not be changed for the reason I gave previously

You can attempt turning off your modem/router for at least one full day in the hopes that the ISP’s DHCP server will flush its IP to MAC project. If that stops working, then you will need to change your modem/router. If you anticipate to change your IP address several times, then I recommend you buy a different modem and router. This will decouple the customer-to-MAC and IP-to-MAC association (i.e. your modem’s MAC determines you as a customer and your router’s MAC is used for IP adddress projects). Then you can utilize the router’s MAC spoofing/cloning feature to require IP address changes.

If you are facing any technical issue with your router and want any help please contact Netgear Technical Support.

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