NetGear Skype Wi-fi Phone Review

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Taking the show at CES 2006 in Las Vegas for the Hyper Cellular Phone Category was the NetGear – Skype WiFi Phone. In reviewing this innovation it is astounding the amount of technology entering into this little handheld 3-in-one advice.

This phone only needs a WiFi network to use VoIP or browse. At the same time you can use it like a normal cell phone too. We are getting in a new age of cellular phone which are portable juke boxes, MP3 Players, computer game, PDAs, watches, video phones, surfing units, VoIP phones, holographic screens, e-mail made it possible for and complete GPS capabilities too. This a beginning of a brand-new age.

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The NetGear Company as well as Skype additionally announced that the NetGear RangeMax Wireless Router (WPN824) with Smart MIMO technology at the CES Show and it will permit you certainly when interacting to transform your walk-around house phone into a Wi-fi VoIP phone around the home.

You can sit by the pool or BARBEQUE with your telephone and send out e-mails as well as surf utilizing these systems together. Or you can head out and about and also anytime you are in range with a Netgear Router Tech Support Number system you can utilize your phone for whatever you desire. Looks as if NetGear gets on the leading edge of portable devices, which can do multi-functions. Assume on this in 2006.

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