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Netgear Router Support

At Router Index, you have an option to get the technical support for all brands of routers. We are not brand specific, We provide technical support for all routers including Netgear Routers. So lets Study more about Netgear
Netgear Support for Slow Internet Issues

Hey, No need to go anywhere for slow internet issues. You are at the top right place, We will provide Netgear Support to get the maximum speed out of your Netgear router.
Do you know about the Speed Test?
YES or NO?
If yes,
Did you check the speed?
Oh got you. your ISP (Internet Service Provider) Says that you have X mb/s. But when you checked you noticed that you only have a part of it. So you searched the interned for your router support, and you are here as a result. Well Scroll the page above and see the options to call us. We promise you to deliver the same speed for which you are paying.

No Internet in Netgear Router

Lets fight with no Internet issues. No need to frustrate. Giving no internet sometimes is the router’s general behavior. Wait for some time. Instead try turning router OFF and ON. Also turn Modem ON/OF as well. Yes computer as well so that it can get the o address. Let me Explain Power Cycle clearly

Power Cycle

Hey, Power Cycle is the biggest troubleshooting noticed in past decade for router issues. Just go ahead and power cycle your netgear router. Power cycle basically includes below 6 steps. 7th Step is that you would love.
1 – Turn Off Modem ( Internet Box – Provided By ISP) If Possible Remove Co_Axial Cable from back off The Modem and wait for a minute, screw it back. Don’t worry, it is very easy. But you car cant do it, its not that easy. πŸ™‚
2 – Turn Off Router
3 – Turn Off Computer and all devices that you connect to router
NOTE: All lights on your Modem as well as your Router should d go off when you do turn them Off.
Wait for 1 Minute
4 – Turn On Modem
5 – Turn On Router
6 – Turn on All devices and connect to WiFi if required.
7 – Surf the interned and enjoy.

Hmmmmm,,, still no internet? There is one fantastic way left. Call us for Netgear Support and see the magic.

Netgear Support – “Router Setup”

Why do you need to setup Netgear Router?

Its is a new Router

New routers are easy to setup. But not always. Because it all depends on IP Address, some time its hard to allow modem to deliver internet to router’s IP. We have a way to do that.

Mac Cloning:

Clone the mac address of Netgear Router by putting computers mac in to router. That will cheat modem to understand that router is the computer. As modems are very comfortable giving internet to computers, everything will work fine

Ohhhhh OK, got you. Not that techy? Click here to know how to MAC Clone Netgear Router.

Netgear Router Password reset

Well, I think you have lost your Wireless Passphrase. I know its a bad time when we can see Wireless Network name (SSID) but cannot connect to it. But no worries we have a quick solution to reset the password.

Look at the back (Maybe bottom in rare cases) of your router. Locate a pin hole. While your router in turned off, insert a pin inside it and press and hold for 10 seconds approximately. You will now see lights going off and on. Its the time to take the pin out and let the router reset.

Now the game starts. Get on the device and connect to the network.
Hey, Listen, your network name is changed to the default. Do not try to find the customized one witt your or your dogs name. It eill reflect with the name of Netgear Something. Find it and connect to it. It will not ask for password.

Oh Really? Is it still asking for the password. Not a big deal, Look at the bottom of your router and you will see a slip containing Default name and Password. Enter that password and enjoy. Its mind blowing. Isn’t it?

No internet on Netgear Router After resetting it

Its too normal. Take it easy. You have restored the router completely. Like someone washes our memory completely. So we will also behave weird in that case. After all router is not less that a human. Stay cool. Have some water and get back to the work.

What If i tell you its the time to Power Cycle. Don’t tell me that you don’t know that.
Scroll the page above and see my Paragraph on Recycling the Netgear Router. Amazing, i have spent so much time on writing in and you skipped it. Ahhhh come back soon.

Final Words

Hey do you know i am so much in to the networking and i can write whole long page. But why to do that? You can reach me any time. Look at the top right of this page. Find “Contact” and click on it.

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